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Robert W. Featured Tutor 20/hr
Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Trignometry, Statistics, Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra

Mary M. 30/hr
Cambridge Proficiency, Cambridge Advanced, English Language GCSE English Literature GCSE E, IELTS and ESOL Level 1 and 2 and Pronunciation De, Spelling and Reading Difficulties. 11 plus, Handwriting, SATs, Common Entrance, Essay Technique, Exam Technique

Jayda K. 15/hr
KS2/KS3/GCSE/AS/A2 English Language and Literature, KS2/KS3/GCSE/AS Mathematics

Olivier T. 25/hr

sultan a. 20/hr
English Literature

Nettah Y. 25/hr
English Literature

Ros H. 15/hr
English Literature, English Language, English as a Foreign Language

Jane D. 20/hr
English Literature

Bridget M. 25/hr
English Literature

Kathryn F. 20/hr
English Literature, English Language

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