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I have finished my A-levels and I am a student at University as well as working part time. I am also a Volunteer youth worker at my local youth club.


I have been tutoring for 5 years and have had 9 Tutees. Several of them which have improved and passed thier GCSE's with my help. I have also tutored Adults in improving thier spoken english.

Current GCSE Grades:
English Language: A
English Literature: A
Mathematics: A
Core Science: A
Additional Science: A
Health and Social care: A/A

A-Levels taken in the following:
Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Economics, Politics and Philosphy.

Alevel grades:


I have been a private tutor for 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and in helping them in gaining confidence in thier weakest subjects. I enjoy tutoring and try to make each lesson interesting and enjoyable. This enables my tutees to learn in thier own pace and in a relaxed environment. I have excellent references from my tutees and receieved excellent recommendations from them.

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